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Omnes Energy Develops Low Cost Utility Grade Energy Storage Products

Revolutionizing Energy Storage for the Masses

WOODLAND, CA – NOVEMBER 15, 2022 – A series of game changing flywheel-based energy storage products was announced today by
Omnes Energy ( The energy storage cost per kWh at large volume is expected to reach per $250/kWh installed
resulting in very attractive payback periods. This is a level not available with any energy storage product on the market today.

 “Low cost energy storage is the great challenge of our time,” said Dr. Hari Dharan, Omnes Energy CEO. “Making renewables stable and reducing inefficiencies in grid operations are critical to the viability of the new green economy. To that end Omnes Energy’s low cost rapid response energy storage products reduce peak demand charges, conduct load shifting, store energy from renewables, provide renewables smoothing, and offer grid services such as frequency regulation.” 

According to Dr. Dharan these energy storage products provide 10X longer life than batteries, are impervious to temperature, and are more efficient than the competition, making them ideal for large scale projects.

A Low-Cost Flywheel Energy Storage System

The new products include the Orbis360™, Orbis240™, and Orbis120™ class of energy storage systems (capacities of 360 kWh, 240 kWh, and 120 kWh, respectively), which use kinetic energy in a rotating mass to store and release energy. These units have power ratings ranging from 60 kW to 1MW per unit. In arrays of units, any combination of power and energy storage is readily available because of the modular nature of Omnes Energy products. Each product has a 20-year lifetime warranty, high AC-to-AC efficiency, and low standby losses. 

Seeking Partnership Opportunities

Omnes Energy is actively seeking partners, suppliers and other companies to join them in this important effort. 

Project Partners – Omnes Energy is soliciting project partners to initiate, propose, and manage large projects involving energy storage. 

Sales Partners – Omnes Energy is also seeking sales partners to initiate and facilitate projects with businesses. Two options for participation available are 1) a Shared Savings Plan and 2) a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

Financial Partners – Omnes Energy is interested in direct investments and/or convertible debt loans to scale its manufacturing plant and to finance projects.

About Omnes Energy

Omnes Energy’s mission is to catalyze sustainable energy growth by utilizing, enabling, and supporting renewable energy as it replaces carbon emission generation.

Partnership Opportunities



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