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How does Omnes Energy reduce my energy bill?

In several ways:

  • By storing electricity from the utility during off-peak hours when the rates are lower and discharging the stored energy to you during peak hours. The figure below shows the peak and off-peak hours recognized by Pacific Gas and Electric (PGE). For example, if the off-peak rate is $0.12/kWh and the peak rate is $0.32/kWh, storing 100 kWh/day will result in savings of: ($0.32 - $0.12) x 100 = $20/day, or about $7,300/year.
  • By removing peaks in your use of power from the utility (called Demand Charges). This is achieved by the Omnes storage unit immediately charging (in less than 0.05 seconds) to absorb the peaks. Demand Charges are calculated by multiplying the price in $/kW by the maximum peak reached. It is typically 1/3 to 1/5 of the total monthly bill.

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What makes Omnes Energy’s approach superior to other energy storage systems?
  • 25-year life v. 10 years for lithium batteries.
  • Nonflammable, unlike lithium batteries.
  • Operational over a large ambient temperature range: -60 F to 140 F (-50 C to 60 C).
  • High efficiency comparable to lithium batteries, and much higher than flow batteries.
  • Switching time from charge to discharge (and vice-versa) is very low (0.05 seconds).
  • No degradation of capacity over lifetime, unlike batteries that degrade to 70% of capacity at the end of 10 years of operation.
  • Compact, with energy storage density (kWh/sq. ft, kWh/sq. m) comparable or better than lithium batteries.
  • Installable in parking lots, pavements, backyards, etc.
  • Out-of-sight, below grade with its grade-level concrete lid designed to be driven on, occupying less than 2 parking spots.
  • Noise levels during operation are similar to ambient noise levels depending on location (55dB - 65dB).
  • More acceptable to local adjoining communities since it is out of sight and hearing.
  • Fully recyclable; uses no toxic materials.
  • Uses certified (UL, CE, etc.) commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components made by well-known manufacturers.
  • Immune to supply chain issues. All components and materials are sourced locally. As a result, there is no dependency on imports.
  • Flexible manufacturing capability since it uses generic components. Substituting one manufacturer for another making the same generic component is readily done without design modifications. Omnes Energy is not forced to order components from a sole source, thereby making it much less susceptible to supply chain delays due to strikes, transportation issues, import/export bans, and
    political strife.
  • Local job creation. Since all the components used in Omnes Energy’s products are locally sourced, the economy benefits since the money is circulated in the local economy creating new jobs.
How will the energy storage device be installed and who will take care of the logistics and costs associated with installation?

Standard installation consists of placing each unit in a below-grade 5.9 feet (1.75 m) deep vault fitted with a concrete lid that is level with the grade. Omnes Energy includes installation in its price. Installation is “turnkey”: a single cable from the power
source is connected to the unit. The price includes inverters, controllers, software, all electronics, and accessories.

Will Omnes Energy maintain the entire system (energy storage, renewable generation, connection to the grid) for its customers?

Yes. An Operational and Maintenance (O & M) agreement (costing 2 – 3 %/year of the price ensures reliable performance and minimal downtime.

Are Omnes Energy’s products recyclable?

Yes. All the materials used are fully recyclable. Major components, such as the rotor use high strength steel alloy which can be refurbished to be re-used as a rotor. Alternatively, the material is used in other applications requiring high strength. In fact, there is a substantial salvage value to all of the materials used in Omnes Energy’s products. The remaining materials (copper and low carbon steel) are refurbished, repurposed or recycled.

Are Omnes Energy’s products made from toxic or “conflict-zone” materials?
No. No cobalt, lithium or other toxic materials are used. We have designed the system without rare earth magnets, so none of the rare earth metals are used.
How does Omnes Energy inform its customers about the performance of their products?

All customers have access to performance data from each unit through Omnes Energy’s mobile-accessible app. An artificial intelligence (AI) based display will provide the data in plain English (or another selectable language)

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