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Flywheel Energy Storage

A Complete Low-Cost Energy Storage System

Omnes Energy’s products include the Orbis 240™, Orbis120™, and Orbis 30™ class of energy storage systems with capacities of 240 kWh, 120 kWh, and 30 kWh, respectively). These units have power ratings ranging from 5 kW to 120 kW. Since Omnes Energy’s devices are modular in nature, any combination of energy storage and power is easily provided to suit your needs.

120 kWh/10–120 kW INDUSTRIAL UNIT

Dimensions: 2.44 m (8 feet) diameter, 1.5 m (5 feet) high, 1.5 m total height. Weight: 10500 kg (23,100 lb)


Dimensions: 0.75 m (30 in) wide, 0.75 m (30 in) deep, 0.6 m (24 in) high (above grade), 1.5 m total height. Weight: 3000 kg (6,600 lb) Available third quarter 2024.

Omnes Energy produces plug-and-play energy storage devices that deliver immediate savings and are easily integrated with renewables

For example, a 240 kWh unit with a 60 kW motor/generator delivers 60 kW continuously for 4 hours. An array of 20 240 kWh units, each with a 60 kW power rating, provides 1.2 MW power continuously for 4 hours. Adding 1.2 MW of solar panels allows all 20 units to be fully charged during the day by the sun for delivery to the load, day or night. The exact parameters of each installation depend upon the specific load characteristics of the customer, location, solar insolation (amount of solar energy per year at that location), and other customer specific requirements.

Flywheel Energy Storage

Omnes Energy’s storage device is based on storing and releasing kinetic energy. The following describes how this is done:

  1. A rotating mass (rotor) is spun up to a design speed by a motor mechanically couples to it. The power to the motor to spin the rotor comes from a power generation source (grid or renewables such as solar panels and wind turbines).
  2. The rotor is inside a vacuum chamber to minimize losses.
  3. Switching the motor to generator mode slows the rotor as the generator draws the energy from it.
  4. This energy is sent to the customer (or load).

In this fashion, renewable energy from solar panels during the day is used to spin up the rotor, and the same energy is drawn from the rotor at night to power the nighttime load. In the morning, when the sun comes up, the now slow spinning rotor is spun up by drawing power generated by the solar panels from the sun.

Complete System Integration

Omnes Energy provides a complete grid-tied system built specifically for the customer. The system will automatically charge and discharge the flywheel system based on the customer’s load profile, energy rates and amount of generation available. For instance, in a microgrid setting, the system will store excess energy from solar generation while automatically dispatching power to serve the customer’s loads. All system data and performance will be available to the customer.

The energy storage units are installed below grade in areas such as parking lots, under substations and solar panels, or near wind turbines. All components are commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products backed by years of reliability data from well-established manufacturers. Omnes Energy will own, install, operate and maintain its systems over their lifetimes (warrantied for 25 years).