Solutions For Microgrids

For Microgrids

Affordable energy with no startup costs

Omnes Energy provides low-cost energy by combining renewables and storage for new or existing installations. The Omnes Energy Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) provides energy to customers at a price lower than current energy costs. Omnes Energy installs and maintains the systems over its entire 25-year life. Omnes Energy’s products are ideal for replacing or reducing diesel generation.

Renewables and Storage

By utilizing renewable power with energy storage, Omnes Energy provides power on demand with its large capacity energy storage devices when there is no sun or wind. Omnes Energy provides power for both small- and large-scale applications (5 kW to unlimited levels depending on need).

Participation in the Omnes Energy PPA Plan

Step 1 – The customer’s load curve is analyzed, and the required capacity of the generation sources and number of storage devices are determined to meet the customer’s power needs.

Step 2 – The site survey is conducted and the PPA agreement set up.

Step 3 – Installation is completed, and operations started.

Step 4 – Monthly performance reports are generated, and software and hardware upgrades are installed as the power needs of the customer change.

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