October 12, 2023

Today, the Department of Homeland Security announced the Finalists in the Clean Power for Hours Challenge!

The Clean Power for Hours Challenge seeks innovative back-up power solutions that will help critical facilities continue to operate during electrical outages. Launched in celebration of Earth Day 2023, the prize competition is the second in a series on national climate resilience and is part of a DHS-wide effort to address the risks posed by climate change.

A panel of judges selected nine finalists for their affordable, easy-to-use, and environmentally friendly solutions that can provide on-site power generation for critical facilities that provide essential services to communities across the United States. This challenge was designed to identify and catalyze existing, cutting-edge technologies with a Technical Readiness Level (TRL) of 6 or higher that can be used to continue essential facility operations in an event of a power failure or disruption lasting more than 36 hours.

This is particularly important to National Critical Functions (NCFs) that support essential community lifeline services, such as emergency services, urgent healthcare, and food/water.

Omnes Energy has been selected as a Finalist!

To learn more about the Clean Power for Hours Challenge click here.