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For Utilities

Plug-n-Play Systems to Support the Grid

Omnes Energy’s versatile systems provide many grid benefits, including frequency regulation, renewables integration, power factor correction, voltage support, and long duration backup power. An array of units is designed to deliver high power (> 1MW), or low power (< 120 kW) for the same amount of stored energy. Omnes Energy’s system provides fast response (< 100 ms to full power), long life, and high cycle count which allows the system to meet a variety of grid support applications. The system can be either a complete standalone unit or integrated with a central controller.

Frequency Regulation

As grid-connected loads are constantly fluctuating, and thus changing the grid’s frequency, Omnes Energy’s high power and rapid (millisecond) response storage units regulate line frequency. Overall power and energy size are scalable based on market requirements.

Renewables Integration

As renewable energy is added to the grid, the variable power output that is characteristic of renewables results in grid instability. Omnes Energy’s high capacity energy storage devices eliminates instability by smoothing solar and wind power fluctuations at time intervals ranging from seconds to hours.

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